Easy-to-Make Music Shakers

by Ashley on March 5, 2010

Plastic Eggs For Easy-to-Make Music Shakers

This is an easy craft project. It’s tons of fun decorating and making music together afterwards!

Our children brains benefit from music exposure and music education!

Even these simple music shakers are a step in the right direction to bringing creative music into your child’s world.

Here are some more fun tips for giving babies-preschoolers early exposure to music!

Egg Shaker

  • Materials:

Noise Makers: dried beans, popcorn, rice, cous cous etc.

Plastic eggs (1 per shaker)

  • Directions:

Fill each egg with 1-2 Tablespoons of “noise makers.”(I like using couscous because it makes the softest sound but you can experiment with a variety of materials for fun!)

Close the egg.

Decorate Easy-to-Make Music Shakers

Seal with tape or a couple stickers.

Let’s see you shake!

For a little pizazz, add a trim of ribbon around the middle. Take a look at  Muffin Tin Mom’s DIY Egg Shakers. 

Paper Plate Shaker

  • Materials: Dried Beans for easy-to-make music shakers

Noise Makers: dried beans, popcorn, rice, cous cous etc.

Paper plates (2 per shaker)

  • Directions:

Pour enough “noise makers” to fill one layer of the middle of one paper plate.

Sandwich another plate upside-down on top of the filled plate.

Staple around the edges several times to ensure none of your “noise makers” fall out.

Decorate with stickers and pens.

You’re ready to make some music!

Cardboard Tube Shaker

Try these creative ways to make music with cardboard tube shakers.

  • Materials: paper towel tubes for easy-to-make music shakers

Noise Makers: dried beans, popcorn, rice, cous cous etc.

Toilet paper or Paper towel cardboard tubes (1 per shaker)

Contact Paper

  • Directions:

Cut out 2 small squares (approx. 3 inches x 3 inches) of contact paper.

Stick one square on at the end of the tube.

Wrap it around to seal.

Next, fill the tube 1/3 of the way with “noise makers.” (Some will stick to the contact paper so make sure you have enough to make noise!)

Seal the other end as you did before. (You may want to cover the entire tube with contact paper to give it a more uniform look).

Decorate with stickers and pens.

Shake away!

Here’s a diverse and durable musical instrument kit- a great start to any collection.

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