Home School Help: Organizing Homeschooling Material

by Ashley on January 14, 2012

Home School Help: Organizing Homeschooling Material in Bins

One of our homeschool bins

With this system, I am empowering my kids to keep track of their own work and materials. They can bring their bins to the table and have everything they need at their fingertips.

Last year, I kept all the homeschool books we used daily or weekly in one bin. This year, I bought one for each of my school-age children. I have one for my teacher manuals too. Each of us have our own color.

In each bin, my kids store:

  • A pencil pouch with markers, erasers, scissors, glue stick and pencils
  • A journal
  • Nature sketch book and Art book
  • Handwriting workbook
  • Math book
  • Readers
  • Additional school materials like an abacus, current projects etc.

    Home School Help: Vertical Storage Unit

    Compact & inexpensive way to store your bins

  • Include a check-list of subjects in order of completion to encourage them to work even more independently. I haven’t found this necessary yet but I know some moms find it helpful.

We found our bins at Target for about $6 each. I love that these bins require very little space to store neatly away after use.You can buy a a ready-made particle board shelf. But we just tuck ours on shelves in a cupboard.

Organizing Homeschooling Material in a Storage Table

Home School Help: Organizing Homeschool Material in a Storage Table

Organize Your Homeschool Bins in This Storage Table

Ingenious! Construct this homeschool storage table! It functions as a place to study and store each of your homeschooling bins.

Give Your Homeschool Routine & Organization a New Twist

I have friends who have taken this idea a step further. Have you heard of the concept “Homeschool Workboxes?”

It’s like a tangible check-list for kids! Each box (or drawer, envelope, however you choose to organize) holds one activity that the child is to do that day. The child uses a “schedule strip of numbers” that directs them to each subject/activity located in each numbered box in the order you choose.

Home School Help: Organizing Homeschooling Material in Homeschool Workboxes

One example of the Homeschool Workboxes System

There are a variety of ways to structurally set up workboxes.

Sometimes, when we feel we are in a homeschool rut, trying out a new “system” can revitalize our homeschool day.

The workboxes mix things up a bit and turn an ordinary routine into a surprise game! There’s a lot of information online about workboxes. Check it out!



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